Meet Our Team – Karen Arnold

Karen Arnold is one of the Director’s of Effective Workplace Solutions who pride themselves on providing practical advice and assistance in workplace relations, employment law and human resource related matters. Karen provides the legal expertise when it comes to Team Accelerate and when you read all about her career journey you’ll understand why she is a pivotal part of our team.

Career Journey

Karen started out in general practice law as a paralegal and realised that employment law and HR allowed her to indulge her passion for helping people and problem solving without the negativity that she experienced working in the legal industry.  Karen thoroughly enjoys working in HR especially when she can spend a good majority of her day solving problems for our clients. She truly believes that Team Accelerate solves a number of HR problems which then makes her job that much easier and more enjoyable.


Career Transformation

In this day and age, the average person’s career transforms 5-7 times during their working life.  As much as 30% of the workforce are changing their career / job every 12 months due to the sheer number of career choices!

The main concept that has supported Karen in her career transformation is “surrounding herself with people she can learn from”.  Karen is a firm believer that we should never stop learning and growing, and therefore it is important to have people in your circle – be it work or home life – that can challenge and inspire you.

The second concept that is essential when it comes to career transformation is “Self-awareness”.  It’s important to have a balanced and honest view of your strengths and weaknesses.  Know where you excel and where you need more help and then you can grow and transform.

Let’s Get Personal

When we asked Karen what’s important to her outside of work and Team Accelerate, her top 3 responses were;

  1. Quality time with my children and husband
  2. Family & friends
  3. Travel


Whilst Team Accelerate is one important vision in Karen’s world, her top 3 outside of this are;

  1. A white Christmas in America (As soon as we can travel again!)
  2. Learning new hobbies – Having recently completed her law degree, she is looking forward to indulging in more self-care activities, new hobbies and ticking a few things off her bucket list
  3. Growing her business


At Team Accelerate we’ve transformed the way we do business by having an inspirational team in multiple countries.  If you’d like to know more about how to be involved with our journey, connect here to learn more. 

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