Meet Our Team – Rose Olesen

Career Journey 

Team Accelerate is part of “Talent For Business Growth” program which is a Gold Coast initiative to educate the business community about the value of the education and training sector.  It is a fully-funded program that supports businesses to identify workforce skill gaps, provide resources and upskilling, develop student engagement opportunities and connect key education and training providers to access talent.  Through this program we connected with Rose Olesen who was looking to gain some experience in the marketing field in Australia.  Rose is currently studying her “Master of Marketing / International Tourism & Hospitality Management” at Griffith University and knew that if she wanted to expand her network it would be valuable to work in many different places for a shorter amount of time whilst continuing to learn and grow.

Previous to studying in Australia, Rose has had many years of experience in social media marketing, innovation and business development, event planning and hospitality, has had her own business in Norway and works well in creative environments. So when Krystle met with her to discuss the opportunity to support the growth of Team Accelerate, there was a natural, comfortable connection and a no brainer to get her onboard!

Career Transformation

Life and work can be challenging and we believe it’s how you respond and what you learn that can really transform who you become along the way. Up until a few years ago, Rose was on a completely different journey which changed dramatically when she learnt the below 3 concepts and actively made them part of her everyday life;

  • Goal Setting – Once Rose realised if she did the things that she needed to, to achieve her goals, then anything was possible, including moving to the other side of the world (Australia) knowing no one.
  • Honesty with Self – By being honest with herself and not comparing herself to others has allowed Rose to be true to her own beliefs, ambitions and goals and not someone else’s.
  • Ask for Help – A younger version of Rose believed she could conquer the world by herself without any help but learning to ask for help has supported her to continually move forward and not get stuck in the meaningless parts of life.Educating employee’s around management requirements

Let’s Get Personal

Living on the other side of the world from her family support, it’s really important for Rose to talk with them as much as possible, when they are good, it makes her happy. The other love of Rose’s life is latin dancing. Dancing and moving her body makes her feel more connected with who she is and clearer on what she wants in life.

What’s the key lesson which has contributed to where Rose is today? To challenge herself outside of her comfort zone. She needs to be continually developing and working towards all of her goals (Because she has many!) otherwise she feels stuck and bored.

Rose envisions starting her own business with something that makes people happy. It’s important to her to be financially independent and able to take care of her family when they retire so they still can enjoy life.

At Team Accelerate we’ve transformed the way we do business by having an inspirational team in multiple countries.  If you’d like to know more about how to be involved with our journey, connect here to learn more.

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