Meet Our Team – Declan Pym

Team Accelerate - Declan Pym

Declan Pym is our IT guru who we cannot live without! He helped implement the TA cloud infrastructure and continues to monitor and maintain it. Declan also provides feedback and guidance around the Development Opportunities aspects of the application and works closely with the developers and management team to ensure that the infrastructure, application and development rollouts of Team Accelerate are all working together. Ultimately he ensures the success of our portal and all our IT!

Career Journey

Declan initially began working and creating solutions for big businesses and providing a lot of value in this regard. Through this work, he had a lot of people calling out for help with other IT problems and very swiftly saw a gap in the market for SMB businesses. He saw the opportunity to be able to apply his knowledge and skills, and thought, “why not capitalise on this,” and that’s exactly what Declan has done and been doing ever since!

Declan is extremely experienced with AWS, and Team Accelerate were looking to ensure their SaaS application was able to scale and provide an awesome service to our customers. And so, a dynamic duo were created, TA needed Declan and Declan needed the work family that TA provides him with.


Career Transformation

Declan strongly believes that making the right opportunities has helped contribute to where he is today. He’s never been one to just float in the crowd, and he’s always been driven to achieve his goals. Currently Declan’s primary motivation is to provide an awesome life for his wife and kids, so that they can experience and know as much about the world as they can, which will support them to make their own opportunities.

Anyone who knows Declan, knows he is very passionate about what he does. He loves learning new things and digging deeper into technology, discovering how new technologies could be benefitting his clients and their clients. Passion is key when working closely with clients.

Let’s Get Personal

When we asked Declan what was most important to him outside of work and Team Accelerate, his top 3 responses were;

  • His family and their happiness – Declan is a people pleaser, and ‘his people’ are his number one priority. 
  • Motorbike racing – He really enjoys staying up late and watching the MotoGP riders push the limits of motorcycle technology, physics and the human body.
  • Technology in general – Declan just enjoys technology and what we as humans are able to accomplish with it. He enjoys just messing around and building / implementing unnecessary stuff around the office / house in the pursuit of a smarter life.

Declan’s Vision

Whilst Team Accelerate is one important vision in Declan’s world, his top 3 outside of this are;

  • Wanting to make everything smarter, and to be able to leverage technology to improve his life in any way possible. For example, automating the dosage of the chemicals and vital measurements that go into his hydroponics system to keep it running optimally. Declan tells us, “this doesn’t always work well, and I’m constantly tip-toeing around my wife’s acceptance –That’s hideous, you can’t put that there!”.”
  • Becoming proficient in Auslan. This is pretty big for Declan and his family at the moment. Going out and immersing themselves in the community to support his daughter, who is deaf, is something the family does together. “So far it’s been an amazing experience and I really recommend everyone learn Auslan or the very basics at least.”
  • Always, becoming better as a person in every aspect of his life. Declan tells us that this can only pay dividends to him and everyone around himself.

Declan loves the work that he gets to do on a daily basis, and he is really happy that what he does makes a difference to the businesses that he works with. Declan states, “I’m really looking forward to the future of Team Accelerate and see a bright journey ahead.  I will always be trying to find ways to improve the quality and delivery of the experience for our clients. Ultimately, they’re the ones we need to keep happy, so if there is ever any feedback, I’m always available.”

At Team Accelerate we’ve transformed the way we do business by having an inspirational team in multiple countries.  If you’d like to know more about how to be involved with our journey, you can connect with us here.

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