Is your workforce communication effective?


Inverell RSM Club is located at the heart of Inverell and guarantees to show you a great time with live entertainment, raffles, bingo or even a game of bowls.  Inverell strives to serve its community by providing modern professional facilities with excellent service standards. They pride themselves in providing a quality happy service to their members whilst aiming to ensure a relaxed environment with an ‘open door’ culture and they can only do this knowing their workforce is just as high quality and happy too.

Inverell’s HR Headache

Before Team Accelerate, Inverell struggled with HR especially when it came to keeping on top of inductions and delivering handbooks to staff members. The need for a user-friendly and simple HR system drew Inverell to search for a better way. Having previously dealt with Greg regarding staffing issues, the trust was already in play so continuing to build a relationship with us and implement Team Accelerate was a confident next step. It also enabled them to easily and consistently deliver information to their staff which is crucial when their staff are one of their biggest assets.


Unlocking Inverell’s HR Potential

At Team Accelerate we strive for simplicity and ensure our users find the portal logical and easy to use. When asking Inverell whether it was easy or hard to get started on the TA portal, we were happy to hear that they found it relatively easy. We walk through the process with you, guiding you along the way to ensure that you always feel comfortable and confident with the systems being put in place.

With the implementation of TA, a centralised delivery and feedback solution has meant that their challenges of keeping on top of inductions and delivering staff handbooks have magically been solved. Inverell has managed to get all of their staff to not only review the staff handbook but acknowledge it and have electronic records for compliance. The remote access which enables staff to be off location and still access employment information has made a huge difference to their workforce and really unlocked their HR potential with minimal effort.


Mastering Inverell’s HR Toolkit

Team Accelerate provides HR systems and solutions to help you achieve your HR and / or business goals. No matter whether you’re a small or large business and no matter the area of business, TA’s features provide for good communication at all levels within your business. Staff connections and time management will improve, thus positively affecting your overall productivity and revenue.

The back-up service and staff knowledge are additional pros that can help your business go the extra mile.

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